How to Download Facebook Videos (from PC, Smartphone)

Facebook is one of the top social media sites where people used to share feelings through photo, status & videos. As you know that Facebook doesn’t allow us to download Facebook videos even video is uploaded by us. Now, what to do?

Well, There are many third-party sites and apps that allow us to download Facebook videos easily. In this article, I will share the guide on how to download Facebook videos online without any app or addon.

Note: This post is neither affiliated with any website nor Facebook. Our Intend of this post is to tell people how they can download their own Facebook videos. If you download other Facebook video then you must take permission from the video owner to publish it anywhere.

How to Download Facebook Videos

So, You are still following me. That’s worth for me to tell you the process of downloading Facebook videos from Browser. Yes, Off course you can download fb videos from Mobile (Android, iOS) browser or PC(Mac, Windows, Lynx) browser. Here, I will tell you two ways to download Facebook videos.

1) Download Videos from Mobile:

You can use any mobile, smartphone to download Facebook videos. Follow below process to download videos from Facebook though smartphone.

i) Go to Fb video downloader site

ii) Now go to the Facebook Video that you want to download. Copy Facebook Video URL.

Facebook Video URL must be look like –


If you are seeing then it will not work. Open this URL in desktop mode in the browser and then press on Timestamp of the video, copy that URL. It’s your Facebook video link.

iii) Paste FB URL in the above fb video downloader and Click on Download.

I hope you understand how to download facebook videos from mobile.

Now, It’s time to understand this steps from system.

2) Download Videos from System

  • Go to the
  • Open video that you want to download.
  • Copy the video URL from the browser address
  • Paste URL in the
  • That’s it.

Final point, You should respect the video owner. Please take permission and then download. It’s illegal to use someones videos anywhere.

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